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Young murder accused denied involvement 

Young murder accused denied involvement 

Zorena Jantze

NINETEEN-year-old MARCEL Groenewald, who stands accused alongside 23-year-old Paul Loots, for violently killing a man on a busy Windhoek street, has denied involvement in the Suiderhof killing.


Groenewald, who appeared alongside Loots at formal bail application, explained the events which led up to him and his co-accused coming into contact with the deceased, 45-year-old Samuel Koopman.


Putting forward his role or lack thereof, in the murder, Groenewald stated that on the fateful day, he borrowed the car of his co-accused and went to Khomasdal to pick up his PlayStation game and proceeded to a shop in Suiderhof to buy liquor, fizzy drinks and snacks. 


He added that he met Koopman with two other men at the shop in Suiderhof and that the diseased, along with the two men that were with him, asked to share his alcohol.


accused Marcel Groenewald Paul Loots Windhoek
IN THE HOT SEAT: from right to left: Marcel Groenewald, and Paul Loots during their formal bail application. Photo: Zorena Jantze


“I bought the liquor and decided to consume some of it outside the shop. That’s when the diseased and two other men approached me and asked if they could drink some of my alcohol with me. Although I did not know them, I shared my alcohol with them. After I gave them the alcohol the three men became aggressive and started arguing with me and that’s when I decided to drive back home to the River Port flats,” Groenewald explained. 


He further added that when he returned to his residence, which he shares with Loots, he found that the suitcase containing his PlayStation machine was missing.


“I asked Loots to accompany me back to the shop. On my way out, I took a knife from the kitchen and placed it in the left side of my trousers,” Groenewald said. 


He added although the security guard at the shop had not seen his Play Station machine, on their drive back from the shop they spotted Koopman walking alone and they decided to confront him about the lost machine.

“I got off the bakkie and took out the knife, and asked him where my stuff is. I just wanted to scare the deceased, but we started wrestling and in the midst of the tussle we both fell down. I punched him twice and then Loots and I drove off,” Groenewald stated. 


Koopman’s body was found disembowelled on 1 February near the premises of a panel-beating workshop on Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo street in Suiderhof. 


“On Monday afternoon, we were arrested and the state claimed that we intentionally stabbed the deceased to death. I never stabbed anybody,” Groenewald said. 


State prosecutor, Rowan Van Wyk objected to bail for fear that the two accused may abscond, interfere with state witnesses and because it is not in the public interest’s best interest for the two young men to get bail. 

He added that the state also has a strong primafacie case against the accused. 


Defence Lawyer, Jan Wessels, stated that Groenewald can pay bail of up to N$30 000 and would abide by regulations set forth by the court, while Loots is able to pay up to N$100 000 for bail and is also ready to abide to regulations set forth by the court. 


The bail hearing continues.

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