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Discipline yield results for 10-year-old

Discipline yield results for 10-year-old

Maria David

ESTER Aitembu, a ten-year-old from the St. Francis Primary School in Tsumeb, was over the weekend named Player of the Tournament at the Galz & Goals Festival organised by the Namibia Football Association (NFA).
The festival kicked off with a week of training for football and healthy lifestyle coaching.


Aitembu, who looks up to people like her coach Levi Twaitavela and Asteria Angula, a midfielder for the Brave Gladiators, said that she loves playing football and scoring the winning goal will always be a big achievement for her.



“Asteria is the reason that Ester can perform and deliver good results. Asteria motivates her as she follows her playing style,” said coach Twaitavela.


Twaitavela added that he was very pleased that Aitembu became the player of the Tournament as she is committed, disciplined, hardworking and always seeks advice.


He noted that her commitment and support from her family elevated her.
“Her mother always believed that her child has a special talent and that is all that matters for any child,” concluded Twaitavela.

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