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Von Bach sluices stay closed for now

Von Bach sluices stay closed for now

Niël Terblanché

THE opening of the flood gates of the Von Bach Dam has been put on hold as the water level in the Von Bach Dam came to 98.5 percent over night and since then has been holding steady.


Rivers feeding into the dam again flooded during Saturday night but the water level remained at one and half percent below full capacity as the inflow rate became less than the rate at which water is extracted from the dam for treatment purposes. Treated water is pumped to Windhoek for consumption by residents of the capital city.


Continuous flooding in rivers feeding into the surface water reservoir caused the water volume in the dam to increase by more than nine percent since Friday.


Von Bach flood gates
Pictured: The water level in the Von Bach Dam reached 98.5 percent during Saturday night. – Photo: Contributed


Officials from NamWater are permanently on duty to keep an eye on the situation to safeguard the structure of the dam and to mitigate the danger of a flood down the Swakop River.


NamWater officials are also tasked to find a delicate balance between opening the flood gates and losing a large volume of water with the possibility of not enough rain falling in the catchment areas of rivers to refill the dam again.


In this regard weather and rain forecasts are continuously monitored and physical inspections are done at the rivers feeding into the dam to find the best strategy.


In the event that the flood gates might still be opened, the warning issued by NamWater to people living on the banks on the Swakop River to be aware that the sluices might be opened and that a flood might ensue downstream, is still in effect.

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