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Flood water inundate streets around Namibia

Flood water inundate streets around Namibia

Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of Windhoek, Rehoboth and Gobabis were surprised by the large volumes of water that turned into rivers as heavy rains continued to fall at the start of the weekend.


Sidewalks disappeared under water in the main street of Gobabis. The flood water forced street vendors to move their goods to higher ground and shopkeepers were doing their best to keep their shops from being inundated.



Storm water flowed freely through the yards of residents of Rehoboth while streets turned into rivers after heavy rainfall occurred. The rivers around the town were also in full flood.


Heavy down pours also occurred in and around Windhoek which caused several lower laying streets in Windhoek to disappear under water. At the northern end of Independence Avenue rising water levels threatened to flood car dealerships on Friday evening.

Video compiled from clips from various contributors

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