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Northern Legends player suspended without disciplinary hearing

Northern Legends player suspended without disciplinary hearing

Maria David

OSHANA Regional Football League (ORFL) Chairperson, Phillip Dala has suspended Styn Hamalwa of the Northern Legends Football Club on charge of misconduct without giving him a chance to state his side of the story at a disciplinary hearing.


In his letter, Dala stated that Hamalwa has committed a serious football offence by assaulting a match official during a game held last week Saturday at Uukwangula Sport Stadium.


He stated that their findings are based on article 14 sub-section 3 suspensions of ORFL status.


“All we want is an apology from him. If he does not apologies we will ban him from all Namibia Football Association (NFA) activities,” said Dala.
He noted that they are only disciplining him, since he was a vice-chairperson for the Oshana Second Division League and he is supposed to led by example as many of the youth look up to him.


Hamalwa is suspended for two years, whereby he is not allowed to participate, neither to be present in all of the league activities within Oshana, Oshikoto, Omusati and Ohangwena regions.


Northern Legends suspended ORFL football
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However, the Club is welcome to be participate in the football affairs of NFA without Hamalwa’s involvement.


Hamalwa told Informante that he was never called for any disciplinary hearing, but only received a letter of suspension from the Chairperson, despite the Club not being part of the League.


Hamalwa also rubbished claims that he assaulted match officials, saying that he is really at fault and personal apologies for unsportman like behaviours, but that he never assaulted the referees.


“I didn’t beat him up nor laid a hand on him. There was no fight, but the fight was between our team and the team we were playing against,” he said.
He also noted that his suspension was invalid as it’s based on NFA status article 14 sub-section 3 that speaks of suspending a members or member shall lose its membership.


“They have no ground of suspension of me as am not their members. They only have the power to suspend their members,” said Hamalwa.


He also noted that he does not know at what merit his being suspended as they suspend people that are members of their association, which includes the league or teams that are playing under Oshana Football League.


Meanwhile, Oshana Referees Committee Chairperson Erastus Shilunga, said that the committee have resolved to no longer allow their referees to officiate at any games unless the security measures are in place.

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