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Hospital in disarray after repeated floods

Hospital in disarray after repeated floods

Marthina Mutanga

A CONTRACTOR, who was supposed to renovate the roof and other structures at the Gobabis District Hospital has done absolutely nothing for three months which caused repeated floods in certain areas of the building after heavy down pours of rain over the past few weeks.


The Ministry of Health and Social Services handed the site to the contractor on 19 November 2019 but since then very little has been done to fix the leaking roof and broken gutters.


Ben Nangombe, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, said they have opened an emergency job card for work to be done urgently by the Ministry of Works and Transport. Nangombe said a team of technicians were expected on site to assess the damage that was caused by the shoddy work of the contractor.



“The floors of the area where the nurses are supposed to work were flooded repeatedly while the treatment areas and patients in the wards were thankfully not affected by the leaking roof,” he said.


According to Nangombe the bill of quantities were compiled by Department of Works and a purchase order for renovations was prepared from head office during 2019. He said the site handover for renovation took place in November 2019 and that there has been no significant work progress since then.


“The process of removing the non-performing contractor was already concluded. Any steps to be taken against the contracting entity will be done according to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act 15 of 2015,” Nagombe said and added: “The Department of Works has recalled the purchase order provided to the non-performing service provider.”


The Regional Director for Health in the Omaheke Region, Jeremia Shikulo, said the floods in the building were mostly caused by broken and damaged gutters.


Shikulo confirmed that the maintenance people from the Ministry of Works did visit the hospital to assess the damage caused by the leaky gutters.


He added that the technical team will return to fix the problem at a later stage.

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