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Water volume in Hardap Dam doubles in less than a week

Water volume in Hardap Dam doubles in less than a week

Niël Terblanché

CONTINUOS rain over the catchment area of the various rivers that eventually feed into the Hardap dam saw the water volume inside more than double in less than a week’s time.


On Saturday morning the water volume in the dam was measured at 14.2 percent which meant the body of water increased with three percent over night from 11.3 percent. On Monday the water in the dam was pegged at 6.5 percent.


The chairman of the Hardap Farmers Union, Dawie de Klerk, said the volume in the dam is set to keep increasing as good rains continued over the catchment area of Fish Rivers and its main tributaries the Schilp, Kalf and Kameelhaar Rivers.


“We had reports this morning that good rains fell over the Kalf River’s Catchment area which means more water is on the way to the dam,” De Klerk said.


Video: The Tses Water Fall in the Fish River has come back to life since good rains fell over the catchment areas of the river’s tributaries south of Mariental. – Footage: Contributed


According to De Klerk when the Fish River at Kub in the area between Kalkrand and Hardap starts flowing the water can take up to 15 hours to cover the distance of about 36 kilometres to reach the upper reaches of the dam. The ‘water on water effect’ in the river after the first flow means that when the water flows past Kub, it only takes four hours to reach the dam.


He said the ‘water on water effect’ is the reason the dam started to fill up at a quicker rate than two weeks ago when the first flood water reached the upper reaches of the dam.


De Klerk said heavy showers were also reported to the south of Mariental which caused water to flood over the main road leading to Keetmanshoop. Large pans formed on the expansive plains known as the ‘Floors’ to the west of the ridge known as the ‘Kalk’ and the water is slowly flowing down into the Fish River which would eventually feed into the Neckertal Dam


The large volumes of water on the floors flowing into the Fish River below Mariental caused the Tses Water Fall to come back to life for the first time in years.


According to De Klerk the area to the west of the Fish River, known as the Swartrand, still needs good downpours for the Fish River to really flow strongly and to start filling up the Neckertal dam properly.

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