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SWAPO regional office locked down

SWAPO regional office locked down

Maria David

UNHAPPY supporters of the ruling party in Oshana region has on Friday closed down the Swapo Regional Office after asking employees that were inside to vacate the premises in peace.


The closing down of the office follows several protests where supporters demanded that Swapo Party Regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo resign.
Speaking during the closing down of the office, Sigo Amunyela claimed that Nelongo continues to ignore the petitions of bona fide Swapo party members in the region.


“People are tired of what Nelongo is doing. Until today no responses to our petitions that we handed in last month were received. He continues to ignore our petitions,” Amunyela said.


They also claimed that the regional executive committee is scared of Nelongo and have remained quiet about their demands because of the fear. The supporters claim that the committee is too scared to take action against Nelongo and that is their reason for closing down the office.


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Nelongo said that a meeting was held with the regional executive committee on the 18th of February to discuss matters that pertains to the region and the two petitions that was already handed over to his office.


“The committee decided to forward those petitions to the party political bureau and we requested them to set up a committee to come and investigate all the allegations and at the same time also to get inside information from the regional coordinator and all those information has been submitted via the office of the secretary general to party political bureau,” said Nelongo.


He stated that they are only waiting to hear when the political bureau will sit for their request and what kind of advice they will give them. If they accept the request they accept the decision for establishing a committee as soon as possible.


Nelongo also noted that the office which has been locked down belongs to Swapo and does not belong to any individual and that the party has the capability to re-open the office.


“The leadership of the party are the ones to decide of the office will be opened again.”


Party Secretary General Sofia Shaningwa told Informanté that she was aware that the office has been closed down.


“It’s a regional issue and they still have to send their report to headquarters of Swapo and then we will look at why the office was shut and we will examine the root of the problem closer,” said Shaningwa.


Shaningwa noted that it’s really a regional matter and that it was not facilitated from the Swapo headquarters. She said she is yet to receive a report of what transpired and will take the matter from there.

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