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BoN to issue a special commemorative banknote

BoN to issue a special commemorative banknote

Staff Reporter

IN remembrance of the fallen heroes of the Liberation Struggle and those who rallied for the freeing of Namibia from the vice-grip of South African rule, the Bank of Namibia (BoN) will launch a dedicatory bank note on 21 March 2020.


BoN is mandated by the Bank of Namibia Act 1997 (Act No.15 of 1997) as amended, to issue banknotes and coins as legal tender in Namibia.


Liberation Struggle namibia fallen heroes
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Further details on the envisaged launch and issuance of the commemorative banknote will be communicated to the members of the public in due course.


Commemorative banknotes and coins are normally issued by central banks to commemorate national events which are deemed significant to a country or to a central bank. Namibia’s currency symbolises independence, national pride and national heritage.


Over the years, the Bank has issued notes and coins, and will continue to execute the task of the production of national banknotes in the manner in which costs are fully absorbed by revenue.

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