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Von Bach Dam fills up

Von Bach Dam fills up

Niël Terblanché

GOOD rain is expected to fall over large parts of Namibia for the remaining weeks of February as the various weather systems that sucks moist air in over the country are all in the correct positions to bring some relief from the drought.


One weather forecaster described the three vital elements for sustained rain over the country as a low pressure system that settled over the central part of Namibia, a high pressure system in the upper atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean and second slow moving low pressure cell that is steadily moving south into Namibia from Angola.


The weather forecaster said all the correct elements are in place and is as it should be for good rains to fall over most of Namibia for at least the next three weeks. The elements work in tandem to bring moist air from the tropics and it will spread over most of Namibia from north to south.


Video: The Bobbejaans River in full flood over the past weekend. Footage: Contributed


In the meantime sustained thundershowers of the catchment area of the Bobbejaans River that feeds into the von Bach dam near Okahandja meant that the water level in the dam rose with almost seven percent in the last week.


According to the weekly dam bulletin issued by NamWater, the dam level rose to 44, 5 from 37,7 percent after receiving an inflow of 3, 202 million litres. The dam which is the main water reservoir for the Namibian capital, Windhoek currently has 23, 169 million litres of water behind the wall.


In comparison the inflow of about 2, 9 million litres into the Hardap Dam ten days ago meant the dam level only rose with 0, 7 percent. Since last week the dam was only 6, 8 percent full and in that time the level has fallen with 0, 3 percent.


As a bonus added to the fact that farmers on the irrigation scheme below the Hardap Dam were able to again use water from the dam to irrigate their crops a heavy down pour occurred over most of the small holdings earlier on Monday.


The strong inflow received by the Von Bach Dam brought some relief to residents of Windhoek who has been subjected to water restrictions for the past year.

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