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Falls in full swing

Falls in full swing

Niel Terblanche

THE flow of water in the Kunene River at Ruacana is still on the increase and the large volume of water is currently cascading down the Ruacana Falls in spectacular fashion.


The water level in the river with its origin in Angola is currently the highest it’s been in the past three years.


In the meantime the water levels in the Zambezi, Okavango and Kunene rivers remain higher than what they were a year ago.


On Tuesday the level of the Zambezi River at Katima Mulilo was at 1.56 metres. According to the daily flood bulletin issued by the hydrological services the water level in the river is slowly rising.


Video: The Ruacana Falls in all their glory. The video was taken on Monday. – Footage: Contributed


Okavango River level at Rundu increased with 8 centimetres and is currently standing at 6.08 metres which is also above normal for this time of the year. The river level at Nkurenkuru continues to rise and is currently standing at 3.86 metres.


The flow of the Kunene River at Ruacana is currently standing at 798.50 cubic metres pers second which signifies a rise of about 200 cubic metres per second from little more than two weeks ago.


After almost stagnating the water level on the Lower Orange River at Blouputs increased from 27 centimetres on Monday to 35 centimetres on Tuesday afternoon.


The hydrological service urged users to take note of the fluctuating low levels in the Lower Orange River.

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