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A historic reunion of all living constitutional writers for the 30th commemoration of the draft constitution on 9 February 1990 agreed that a more vigorous effort is needed and must be made to investigate the principles meant to benefit all Namibians.


In a historic meeting of the remaining men and one woman they were wished well by the president and founding chairman, Dr Hage Geingob, who excused himself due to other prior commitments. His fellow writers from all sides of the then political trenches singled out his fairness and unifying talent in crafting Namibia’s supreme law.


“We fought and hated each other, but we started to listen to each other and realized that we cannot fail the miracle of Namibia’s Independence and the end of a brutal 24 year old war.” It was the birth of a young Namibian nation that must be cared for by all, leaders and citizens alike.



The founding fathers and mother are still united behind the constitution as they were 30 years ago.


The video clip of the legendry fathers and mother of dialogue and reconciliation is brought alive as a remembrance of dignity, justice and pursuit of happiness.


A collaboration between the Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof Peter Katjavivi, the foremost tourism brand, Gondwana Collection and the leading post-independence company, Trustco, arranged the event that was described as an unbelievable and emotional experience for the fathers and mother of the constitution that will forever stand as the Namibian guide to peace and prosperity in good and difficult times.


The Office of the Ombudsman will also join Constitutional Day with celebrations at schools in various regions.

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