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Fish River still flowing

Fish River still flowing

Niël Terblanché

BY sunset on Saturday the Fish River above the Hardap Dam was still flowing and still slowly filling the Hardap dam.


Although rain over the catchment area of the river has stopped on Thursday farmers in the area are hopeful that predictions of heavy rain in the right places will come true.


Jaco van der Westhuizen whose farm Kubmaams borders on the upper reaches of the Hardap Dam said that the river still had flowing water in it and that the dam was still receiving inflow.


In the meantime the Hardap Dam went from a level of only 6, 3 percent to 7 percent since water from the Fish River started flowing into the dam on Friday morning.


Videos: Inflow in the Hardap Dam on Saturday seen from the gyrocopter of Arthur Simon while water is still flowing in the Fish River about 35 kilometres above the dam. The video of the flowing river was taken at Kub between Kalkrand and Mariental on Saturday afternoon – Footage: Contributed


The higher water level in the dam also buoyed the hopes of irrigation farmers of the Hardap Agricultural Scheme to once again be able to withdraw water from the dam to irrigate their crops that have been without water since 27 January.


Dawie de Klerk, the Chairman of the Hardap Farmers Union, said that the irrigation farmers are hoping that the inflow in the dam will enable the farmers on the scheme to irrigate their crops for at least ten days.


“Being able to irrigate again will limit the damage to crops He said that because the crops have been without water for almost two weeks,” he said.
According to De Klerk the farmers union and the Namwater will discuss of restarting the irrigation pumps on Monday.

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