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Plane makes emergency landing near Husab

Plane makes emergency landing near Husab

Niël Terblanché

THE Emergency Services of Swakopmund was activated to assist a pilot who had no choice but to make an emergency landing on a desolate gravel road near the Husab Mine in the middle of the Namib Desert.


Theo Shilongo of the Directorate of Aircraft Accident Investigations confirmed the incident and said the pilot was alone in the Cessna 210 when he flew from the Eros Airport in Windhoek to the Swakopmund Aerodrome on Thursday afternoon.


“The pilot reported to the various air traffic control towers that he was experiencing engine trouble. He reported that the engine was running very roughly and that the aeroplane was vibrating severely as a result. Shortly afterwards the pilot declared an emergency to the control tower at Walvis Bay and informed the officials that he will be forced to execute an emergency landing,” Shilongo said.



According to Shilongo the pilot managed to execute a good landing on the gravel road in the area of the Husab Mine. He said the Emergency Services from Swakopmund were activated to assist the pilot if he got injured.


“Everything went well and the pilot was not injured and neither was the aircraft damaged.”


Shilongo indicated that an investigation has already been launched into what caused the aircraft to experience engine trouble.


The Chief of the Swakopmund Fire Brigade, Adri Goosen, was part of the response team that rushed to the scene where the light aircraft made the emergency landing.


“When we found him, the pilot was a bit shocked because of what just occurred but he was in good health,” Goosen said.


The fire chief said that the pilot was transported to Swakopmund and that the owners of the aircraft indicated that they will recover it as soon as possible.

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