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Hanse-Himarwa appeal bid dismissed

Hanse-Himarwa appeal bid dismissed

Eba Kandovazu

A Namibian High Court Judge this morning dismissed an application by former education minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, to appeal her conviction pertaining to corruption charges in that she changed a mass housing list to benefit her relatives at the time when she served as Governor of the Hardap Region in the Supreme Court.


Judge Christie Liebenberg ruled that Hanse-Himarwa failed to show any prospects of success on appeal and that he was not convinced that the Supreme Court may come to a different conclusion in relation to the former minister’s corruption conviction.


Katrina Hanse appeal dismissed
Pictured: Former education minister, Katriena Hanse-Himarwa, after hearing that her application for leave to appeal her corruption conviction was dismissed by High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg. – Photo: Eba Kandovazu


“With regards to the applicant’s failure to file a supporting affidavit from her former counsel, (Namandje), this was for purposes of showing that the averments made by the applicant were correct and is not aimed at the conduct of counsel. What such an affidavit should have stated is that upon finalization of the trial the applicant should have instructed him that she sought leave to appeal, but that he was unwilling to take the instruction because he had not been put in funds. In the present application it is indeed not about the lack of funds but the applicant’s clear intention to file an appeal against her conviction,” Judge Liebenberg ruled.


The judge further found that Hanse-Himarwa’s assertion of a lack of funds as the sole reason for the delay in filing the application is inadequate and falls short of being a reasonable and acceptable explanation.


“In my view, this, in itself is sufficient reason to refuse the application,” the judge said, adding that Hanse-Himarwa has not indicated how the court misdirected itself and why she was wrongly convicted.

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