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Fraudster gets four years

Fraudster gets four years

Eba Kandovazu

A FORMER computer technician at the Road Fund Administration who admitted to stealing more than N$2.4 million some eight years ago from the institution was sentenced to four years imprisonment.


Diaz Shipandeka’s actions were ‘blatant’ and ‘an act of greed’, according to high court Judge Dinah Usiku. Shipandeka pleaded guilty to the charges he faced, ranging from theft and money laundering. He had been employed by the company since 2011. The theft occurred in 2012.


Judge Usiku maintained that his actions were premeditated due to the fact that he had worked out a method to defraud the state owned company. His personal circumstances such as being a father to minor children who depend on him for survival, being a first offender and owning a company that employs about five people were outweighed by public interest, Judge Usiku ruled.


technician stealing Road Fund Administration
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“A custodial sentence is unavoidable. He was not a victim of circumstances. It is unfortunate that his dependents have to suffer as a result of his crimes,” Judge Usiku said.


It is reported that the company managed to recover N$ 2.21 million from Shipandeka and his friend Susan Blom’s banking accounts.


Recently, he repaid the remaining N$ 280 900 to the RFA.


On this point, Judge Usiku maintained that he had not to date fairly explained why the money was only paid this year.

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