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Kunene River flowing strongly

Kunene River flowing strongly

Niël Terblanché

THE flow of the Kunene River at Ruacana has been higher over the past two weeks than it has been for the previous three years.


According to the latest daily flood bulletin issued by the Namibia Hydrological Service the Kunene River is flowing at a rate of 557.9 cubic metres per second after good rains over the Angolan highlands where the river has its origin. The hydrological services said that water in the river rose to the highest level for the past three years.


In the meantime the water level in the Zambezi and Okavango Rivers are also higher than the corresponding time last year. The higher water levels is also attributed to good rains over the catchment areas in Angola of the rivers that form the north eastern borders of Namibia.


According to the flood bulletin the regional rainfall pattern for the 2019/20 agricultural season is encouraging as parts of southern Africa are expected to receive adequate rainfall in the first half of the rainy season.


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This is an improvement from the previous season where less rainfall resulted in devastating impacts on regional agriculture, water resources and hydropower generation.


The good rains experienced over large parts of Namibia during December and early January has been absent fro the past two weeks but isolated showers over certain small parts of the country has returned hope that a good second part of the rainy season might be on the cards.


Farmers in the area of Karasburg and Grunau has reported strong down pours over the past 24 hours while farmers between Mariental and Keetmanshoop also reported isolated showers. Farmers on the agricultural scheme at Hardap experienced a light shower earlier on Sunday which brought some relief to their crops that can no longer be irrigated because of the low water level in the Hardap Dam.


A little to the north, residents and farmers in the area of Schlip also reported light showers at places.


To the west Solitaire and other parts on the edge of the Namib Desert also received some rain. People in the area said they woke up to rain on Sunday morning.


Resident of Windhoek and the areas surrounding the capital city reported light showers on Sunday afternoon.


The Namibia Meteorological Service indicates that the rain situation might improve from Monday onwards as partly cloudy and hot to very hot conditions with a few thundershowers in the central and southern parts in the forecast. Isolated thundershowers can be expected in the north while windy conditions will prevail over the interior.


People at the coast can expect partly cloudy and cool to warm condition with fog patches in the morning.

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