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Flash flood kills four

Flash flood kills four

Niël Terblanché

FOUR people, amongst them a day-old infant and its mother, drowned in the fast flowing water of a flooded river in the mountainous area of Okanguati when the ambulance they were travelling was washed away by the rushing water.


The baby’s grandmother and the driver of the ambulance also drowned during the tragic incident in a river on the road between Okanguati and Opuwo.


Six other occupants of the ambulance that belomgs to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, survived the ordeal.


The Governor of the Kunene Region Marius Sheya lamented the tragedy and said the ambulance was dispatched from the Opuwo District Hospital on Friday to pick up a patient at the Epupa Clinic. Sheya stated that the loss of life occurred while the ambulance was travelling back to Opuwo.


flood water Okanguati drown
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Two nurses and four other people who were also travelling in the ambulance survived the tragedy that occurred near the Oukongo Village at about 21:00 on Friday evening.


In his message of condolence with the family Governor Sheya said he hopes that the family will be able to draw strength from the fact that the whole of the Kunene Region will stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this difficult time.


The Namibian Police has reiterated its warning to the public to avoid crossing flooded rivers especially during the evening hours.

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