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Poultry project gets a boost

Poultry project gets a boost

Maria David

IN order get the Nelao Poultry Project at Omakango No. 6 village in the Endola Constituency back up and running the Ohangwena Regional Council has sponsored it with building material worth N$38 815.


Handing over the sponsorship Erastus Kapenda, senior administrative officer at the council, said that the sponsorship was fully funded by the Ohangwena Regional Council and that the aim was to invest in agricultural projects.


Kapenda stated that the regional council sponsored 30 gum poles, one security gate, 20 corrugated iron sheets, four packs of one kilogram nails, ten rolls of bird netting, five rolls of pig netting, ten five litre cans of pink wood primer, ten lengths of lip channel, one broom, one green leaf rake, six shade clothes, 20 bags of cement and 500 super bricks.


Nelao Poultry project Endola
Picture: For illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


Speaking to Informanté, project founder Beatha Ndengu, said that she started with project back in June 2015 with only 20 chickens that she used to get from villagers while she volunteered at the Red Cross.


She said that starting the chicken project was never easy, production was slow and at a point she wanted to give up on everything.


“In 2016, the number of chickens increased to 300, than 185 and currently I am only left with 33 chickens,” she said, adding that the decrease was due to the prevailing drought.


She explained that she only started selling her produce in 2018 to the local community and later got customers from the Oshana and Omusati regions.
Ndengu stated that the donation came at the right time, as she was about to give up on the whole project following the loss of so many her chickens.


According to her, the aim is to build a chicken house in order for the production to increase.


“I have got a space somewhere big and better to ensure production increase, as chickens do not like noise.”


The project currently has five members with the aim of expanding in years to come.

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