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Learner stabs teacher

Learner stabs teacher

Niël Terblanché

A TEACHER at a school in Okahandja had to be rushed to hospital after he sustained serious injuries during an incident where he was stabbed by a Grade 10 learner.


According to a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture, Absalom Absalom, the shocking incident occurred at the school premises on Wednesday of this week.


“The teacher was rushed to hospital where he received medical treatment,” Absalom said in the statement.


The Ministry condemned this incident in the strongest terms and reiterated that schools should be places of safety for both learners and teachers.


teacher Okahandja stabbed school
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He said when a learner makes a decision to take a knife or any other dangerous weapon into a school or gets involved in any act of violence, it is viewed as a serious offence because such an act might have potentially fatal consequences.


“This is not only in contradiction with school rules, but also a violation of the law, depending on the severity of the case.”


According to Absalom the incident was reported to the Namibian Police and the investigation is ongoing.


In the meantime the Regional Education Directorate has dispatched a social worker to do trauma debriefing with the teachers. The social worker will engage the police to also visit the school and talk to the other learners.


“Schools are where parents and guardians entrust their children’s safety in the care of teachers and the Ministry strongly condemns this kind of behaviour in our schools and calls for collaborative efforts from all to enforce safety in our schools.”


In addressing the sources of violence, the Ministry launched the National Safe School Framework aimed at providing a system of self-assessment and documentation that will contribute towards a better violence prevention and management system.


“The Framework is aimed at an atmosphere of trust, peace, respect and care in the school environment.”


Absalom said the Education ministry is cognisant of the multitude of reasons for why violence occurs and as per the current National Safe School Framework it is advised that it should be ensured that learners involved in incidents of this nature to receive assistance, not simply punishment, and have access to education throughout the process.

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