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Farmers requested to identify stolen cattle

Farmers requested to identify stolen cattle

Niël Terblanché

THE arrest of two cattle thieves, the 29-year-old Sebastian Uirab and the 21-year-old Lesley Uirab on charges of the possession of stolen livestock exposed the inner workings of a cattle theft cartel in Otjimbingwe.


Besides being found in possession of stolen cattle the two accused person were also faced a charge of mutilation of registered brands and obstructing the course of justice. Both the suspects were remanded in custody after appearing in the Karibib Magistrtate’s Court on Thnursday.


The accused persons were arrested after members of the Stock Theft Investigation Sub Division (STISD) of the Namibian Police found them in possession of cattle of which the brand numbers were tempered with by method of rebranding on old brand numbers. The suspect were not able to give a satisfactory account of the animals in their possession.


The two Uirabs had 20 head of cattle worth N$100 000 in their possession.


stolen cattle thieves arrest
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In the meantime the STISD requested cattle farmers from the areas of Otjimbingwe, Okombahe, Omatjete, Omaruru and Khomas Hochland to contact them with regards to unidentified animals that was confiscated during previous arrests and the cattle are believed to be stolen.


According to a report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region there are 15 head at the Otjimbingwe Police Station while 15 more are being kept at the auction kraal in Okahandja as the brand marks were tempered with.


Apart from the arrest of the to Uirabs four incidents of stock theft were reported to the Otjimbingwe police over the past week.


In the first case 14 head of cattle were stolen from Dagbreek in the Windhoek district over the past week. The animals are valued at N$150 000.
During investigations members of the STISD managed to recover eight of the stolen cattle


Cattle thieves also hit Farm Uithou in the second week of January and stole 26 head of cattle worth N$234 000. Members of the STISD managed to recover nine of the bovines.


Farm Moria in the area of Otjimbingwe also fell victim the the cattle thieves. Six animals worth N$42 000 were stolen from the farm between 20 and 28 January.


In this regard the stock theft detectives are still investigating and none of the animals have been recovered and no arrest has been made.


The stock theft detectives requested farmers that fell victim to contact the following officers to make arrangements to identify the animals held at Otjimbingwe and the auction kraal of Okahandja, Detective Chief Inspector Urib at 081 439 2687, Detective Warrant Officer Mariine, 081 223 752 1052 or Warrant Officer Kampanza at 081 231 7437.

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