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Operators ask for seven-seater moratorium to be lifted

Operators ask for seven-seater moratorium to be lifted

Marthina Mutanga

PEOPLE that has invested large amounts of money in acquiring so-called seven-seater vehicles in order to transport paying customers over long distances has repeated their appeal to the Ministry of Works and Transport to lift the moratorium placed on them to obtain public transport permits.


The Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA) has accused its former chairperson Pendapala Nakathingo of having a hand in public transport permits only being valid for six months.


At the time Pendapala said that NABTA is looking at the applicable laws and requirements that need to be implemented before permits could be issued again. He also stated that the organization received reports on reckless driving on the road from a certain drivers that led to their permits being revoked or suspend.


seven-seater invested transport vehicles
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“There are a lot of illegal drivers on the roads that are causing accidents and we need to control this and that is why we are only allowing the seven-seaters who have permits to dive,” said Pendapala.


Drivers who transport passengers in seven-seater vehicles first called on the government to lift the ban on their operations during 2019.


Transport deputy minister Sankwasa James Sankwasa said the ministry was still concerned about the use of seven-seater vehicles as a mode of long distance public transport.


The ministry said it had carried out an assessment on the specific type of vehicle’s suitability to transport passengers early last year and found that the vehicles’ design is too small to convey both people and large amounts of luggage.

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