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Coronavirus alert level raised

Coronavirus alert level raised

Niël Terblanché

A SPECIAL unit of medics of the Ministry of Health and Social Services that deals with the outbreak of deadly diseases has been placed on a higher alert level after news broke that the deadly Coronavirus has reached the shores of Africa.


The first case of a suspected Coronavirus carrier, a student returning from china was reported in the Ivory Coast on Monday while health authorities in Ethiopia isolated four people that travelled from Wuhan in China on Tuesday. All four of the people who were isolated are students that studies in China.


Another student was isolated at the Uhuru Kenyata International Airport in Kenya on Tuesday after the young man also displayed symptoms indentified with the deadly virus that has already claimed more than a hundred people in China.


All six the suspected carriers of the Coronavirus were isolated. They are undergoing tests to confirm the arrival of the virus on the continent.


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The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and social Services in Namibia, Manga Libita said that more intensive screening will henceforth be done at the main ports of entry into Namibia with specific focus on the Hosea Kutako International Airport where most of the international travellers from abroad lands.


There is a considerable community of students in China from African countries, and a number of them have expressed their desire to return home as Chinese authorities struggle to contain the virus.


The raising of the alert level in Namibia follows short on the heels of countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda that started implementing surveillance and screening at airports, especially for travellers arriving from China.


The World Health Organisation’s Africa emergency response program manager Michel Yao in an urgent communication advised health ministers on the continent to activate standard flu screening at the various international airports.

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