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Ruacana Falls comes back to life

Ruacana Falls comes back to life

Niël Terblanché

THE spectacular view of masses of water cascading over the Ruacana Falls has not been seen for almost a year as the devastating drought affected several countries in the southern African region.


Good rains over the central and southern highlands of Angola caused the Kunene River on the northern border of Namibia to start flowing strongly again.


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The flood down the perennial river on the border with Angola caused the Ruacana Falls to come back to life earlier this week.


Good rainfall in the catchment areas of the perinial rivers that forms the northern borders of the country also saw water levels rising in the Kavango and Zambezi Rivers.


Flood waters in the Zambezi River reached the Victoria Falls recently which saw larger volumes of water cascading into the gorge below the falls.

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