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Namibia reconnected to the World Wide Web

Namibia reconnected to the World Wide Web

Niël Terblanché

IN an effort to reconnect Namibia the World Wide Web Telecom Namibia engaged partners in the communication industry to acquire alternative capacity on the East coast of Africa.


Clients of the national telecommunications service provider were offline since Thursday after the West African Cable System (WACS) and the South Atlantic 3 / West Africa (SAT3) cable systems suffered simultaneous failures of the west coast of Africa. The huge optic fibre cables connect the western part of the continent to communication hubs in Europe and the failure of the cables caused problems for millions of clients of communication service providers reliant on the undersea communication arteries.


According to Telecom Namibia’s head of public relations and corporate communication Nomvula Kandombolo-Kambinda internet connection for Namibia has been re-established late on Friday afternoon after they engaged a telecommunications partner.


The SAT3 cable suffered a failure off the coast of Gabon while the WACS cable broke down off the coast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Kandombolo-Kandimba said the connectivity problems with the submarine cable systems affected in- and outbound internet connections locally as well to Europe and South Africa. Internet interruption has affected several social media applications, email- and internet services.


Telecom Namibia indicated that the consortiums that owns the SAT3 and WACS submarine fibre optic arteries has already mobilised special repair crews and ships to repair the cables.

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