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School leavers refused results

School leavers refused results

Nathaniel Heita

LEARNERS of the Gabriel Taapopi Secondary School who completed Grade 12 last year have run into problems in getting their examination results.


During February 2019 a decision was taken during meeting that parents will assist the school with some form of contribution. In the past such contributions were used to buy a bus for the school and during the February meeting it was agreed that the contribution should continue to address resource shortages.


It was specified that emphasis should be placed on a photocopy machine and paper to make sure that the machine could be put to good use.


Parents were also requested to make a contribution of N$300 which parents could pay in instalments. Learners were also asked to contribute two reams of A4 printer paper.


Photo: Contributed


Grade 12 learners of the school that did not make the contribution as was agreed upon were not allowed to get a statement from the school on which their exam results were printed.


This gave rise to worries that learners who did not honour the agreement will not be able to register at tertiary education institutions until they can raise the money to buy two reams of printer paper or the funds to assist the school. Learners stated that January is a difficult month to raise the necessary funds.


The school principal confirmed that the school requires learners to donate the printer paper and if not possible they will make arrangements with parents in this regard. He explained that donations were an initiative that was introduced by the parents which they now want to renegotiate on.

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