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Every household should be ploughing

Every household should be ploughing

Nathaniel Heita

CONTINOUS rain over most parts of northern Namibia have made farmers, who weeks ago still had to look on as their animals succumbed to hunger and thirst, develop hope for a good cropping season.


The rainfall have been much better this year than the same time last year and it seems as if the good weather is going to continue.


“Some areas are flooded which created the opportunity for people to start ploughing and planting their fields,” one farmer in the area of Eenhana said.


Many farmers in the area are excited about the good rainy season they have experienced so far.


Photo: Nathaniel Heita


“The animals that survived the worst of the drought are getting stronger by the day and some of them are already pregnant which might be an indication of a better season ahead.”


One farmer said that any person that complains of a lack of food after the good rains are too lazy to work.


“The good thing is that we are now having enough Ombidi (traditional spinach) to eat and to dry for future consumption.


The farmer said every household that are able should be busy ploughing at the moment and that the condition of the animals is improving every day

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