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Kabeljou run comes to abrupt end

Kabeljou run comes to abrupt end

Photo: Niël Terblanché


The moratorium was officially promulgated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in 2017 to protect the kabeljou while it is on its annual spawning run south. The fish spawns in the bays and estuaries along the coast and the peninsula during the summer months.


The law does however not restrict the harvesting of other fish species along the same stretch of beach.


In the meantime fisheries inspectors assisted by the Namibian Police have set up a check point at the entrance to Walvis Bay to check the catches of the hundreds of vehicles returning from the fertile fishing grounds a day before the moratorium takes effect.


At the moment inspectors are checking that anglers keep to the restriction of only two kabeljou above the 70 centimetre restriction per angler.


All the fishermen that were stopped at the checkpoint received a friendly reminder that the moratorium on kabeljou during the next three months will be strictly enforced.

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