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Huang arrested in Angola

Huang arrested in Angola

Staff Reporter

Controversial Chinese businessman Yeuquan ‘Jack’ Huang, who is currently free on bail of N$1 million on charges of money laundering and customs fraud, has been arrested in Angola on similar charges.


The Jornal de Angola reported that Huang, who also has Namibian citizenship, and several other Chinese nationals were arrested during a raid involving officials from the Angolan Attorney General’s Office, the State Information and Security Service (SINSE), the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) and the Viana Municipal Police Command.


The raid on the Hua Dragão ‘City of China’ Shopping Centre in Viana situated in the metropolis of Luanda came after an employee was found in possession counterfeit notes.


The man, who worked as a cleaner at the shopping complex that focuses on the sale and export of Angolan made furniture, was arrested at the beginning of December. Huang and his associates were taken into custody during the law enforcement raid on the shopping complex earlier this week.


Pictured: Yeuquan ‘Jack’ Huang. Photo: Contributed


Angolan media reported that the cleaner told investigators that he and a colleague broke into a container on the premises to get to the huge amount of cash which they divided between the two of them.


A spokesperson of the Attorney General’s office told Angolan media outlets after the arrest that it is suspected that the counterfeit money is produced on the premises of the shopping complex after more than 58 million Kwanza (about N$1.8 million) was found in the container.


Huang, Laurentius Julius and eight other Chinese nationals were arrested in 2016 in Namibia on similar charges. The matter which is still pending in the Namibian courts Huang and his co-conspirators are accused of pilfering more than N$3.5 billion from the Namibian economy by using amongst others counterfeit cash and by manipulating customs documents to undervalue goods imported and exported to and from Namibia.


The controversial Chinese businessman has on several occasions clashed with Namibian authorities because of his involvement in the rosewood timber trade.

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