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Unique occurrence caught on camera

Unique occurrence caught on camera

Niël Terblanché

THE Hoarusib River situated in Skeleton Coast Park of Namibia reached and flowed into the Atlantic Ocean after sustained thundershowers fell over its catchment area.


Good rains have been reported in and around Opuwo, Kaoko Otavi and Orupembe for the past few weeks.


Sporadic floods further up the normally dry desert river were reported over the past week but for the flood water to actually reach the ocean is a very rare occasion. The flood water reached the ocean earlier this week.



A heavy downpour on Christmas day in and around Opuwo caused the streets in the town to flood and to sustain the flood in the normally dry river past Puros Village.


People travelling up the Skeleton Coast, one of the least populated areas on the face of the planet, earlier this week were able to catch the rare occurrence of the Hoarusib River reaching and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on camera. Modern communication technology afforded them the opportunity to share their unique experience with the rest of the world.

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