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Drug dealing woman arrested in Oshakati

Drug dealing woman arrested in Oshakati

Maria David

A 24-year-old woman, was arrested after she was caught red handed with more than N$7 000 worth of illicit drugs and smuggled cigarettes in her possession.


Inspector Thomas Aiyambo of Namibian Police’s Community Affairs Division, confirmed the arrest to Informanté and said the woman was arrested around 11:44 on Monday at a block of flats behind the Uukumwe Bottle Store in the Oneshila location of Oshakati East.


Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


He noted that the police officers recovered and seized 330 grams of cannabis with a value of N$3 300, 30 Mandrax tablets with a value of N$3 600 and 16 packets of Yes cigarettes, valued at N$260.


“The total value of all the seized drugs is N$ 7 160,” said Aiyambo.
Inspector Aiyambo said that the woman was charged with the possession and dealing in illicit drugs as well as contravening the customs and excise laws of Namibia by dealing in smuggled cigarettes.

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