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Elephant surprises residents of Swakopmund

Elephant surprises residents of Swakopmund

Niël Terblanché

A LARGE crowd of people gathered just north of Swakopmund to look at an elephant that came to within a few hundred metres from houses situated in the Mile 4 residential area.


Motorists travelling between Swakopmund and Henties Bay first saw the huge animal walking in the desert to the east of the main road between the two coastal towns.


Members of the Namibian Police, officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Swakopmund Emergency Services were dispatched to monitor the elephant and to keep people away from the animal.


Footage: Contributed


Romeo Muyunda, the spokesperson of the MET in a short statement said that officials are working on a solution to get the animal back from where it came from.


“People are warned to keep a safe distance and not to agitate the elephant. We are monitoring its movements. We urge people to to keep a safe distance.”

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