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Doctor suspended after horrific death of a baby

Doctor suspended after horrific death of a baby

Staff Reporter

THE medical doctor, implicated in the horrific decapitation of baby during the birthing process, has been suspended by the Ministry of Health and Social Services while a thorough investigation into the tragic incident is underway.


It is alleged that the doctor ripped the baby’s head off while the mother was in the process of giving birth to the child. It is further alleged that the doctor exaggerated the horror by throwing the baby’s head on the bed next to the mother afterwards and blaming the traumatized woman for causing the death of her own child.


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, confirmed the incident that occurred in the Windhoek Central Hospital on 5 December and stated that the doctor has been suspended until the investigation into the incident is completed.


“The Ministry of Health and Social Services wishes to confirm the tragic, unfortunate and regrettable case of a neonatal death at Windhoek Central Hospital during which a fetus was decapitated during a vacuum-assisted delivery. With a heavy heart, I hereby express our heartfelt condolences to the traumatized and grieving mother, her family and friends as well as shocked Namibian nation.”


Pictured: The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, – Photo: Contributed


Nangombe said the ministry will leave no stone unturned and will spare no effort to get to the bottom of what exactly transpired during the tragic event.


“At this stage, we have engaged with the relevant staff members and received incident reports from the staff members on duty. An expert team has been tasked to and is currently investigating the regrettable incident.


All the necessary pathological testa are being conducted and the medical records have been secured to assist with the investigation.“ said Nangome.
In this regard two Deputy Executive Directors in the Ministry have been assigned to travel to Walvis Bay, where the patient lives and initially treated for antenatal care, to study the antenatal and other medical records of the patient (mother) and to ensure that the investigation is conducted in an efficient and transparent manner. The two senior officials will also make sure that the mother, her family and the maternity ward staff receive psychological support.


“In view of the seriousness of the case, I have decided to suspend the attending medical doctor with immediate effect to pave the way for an unhindered and transparent investigation. While not pre-empting the outcome of the investigation, as to any wrong doing, the gravity of the matter necessitates the suspension,” he said.


Nangombe added that the ministry is not in a position to divulge any further details at the moment and will at all times respect patient – health care provider confidentiality.

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