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Another drowning reported in the North

Another drowning reported in the North

Maria David

THE 12-year-old Josua Natangwe Simon, drowned in a water well at Okankete Village where he was swimming with two other children on Monday.


Simon’s tragic death is the fifth incident of this nature in the northern regions of Namibia in the last week. Abundant rain over the past week and a half filled lower laying areas with flood water. The murky water of oshanas poses extreme danger for children unable to swim, especially in deeper water where wells have been dug to sustain humans and animals.


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Inspector Thomas Aiyambo of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division in the Oshana Region confirmed the tragic death of the young boy, saying the incident occurred on Monday around 12:00.


“It is alleged that the victim drowned in the water well, while he was swimming with two other boys. The other children survived,” said Aiyambo.


Aiyambo noted that the victim’s remains was taken to Oshakati Police Mortuary for the purpose of a post mortem examination to aid detectives in the investigation into the boy’s tragic death.

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