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Corruption robs people of basic human rights

Corruption robs people of basic human rights

Niël Terblanché

HUNDREDS of people took to the streets of Walvis Bay on Human Rights Day to march against all forms of corruption that had an adverse effect on the lives of all residents of Namibia.


In Walvis Bay the crowd of young people was joined by fishermen who lost their jobs as a result of the manipulation of fishing quotas and people who were evicted from their shacks because their homes were built on land that was sold to private developers.


The march started at the Kuisebmond Stadium from where the column of people and vehicles moved through the Narraville residential area. The march proceeded through the new industrial area of Walvis Bay and proceeded through the central business district of the harbour town before ending back up at the open area of the Kuisebmond Stadium.



Members of the United Fishermen’s’ Association, who has been without employment for the past four years because of the fisheries corruption scandal shared their experiences with the crowd that gathered at the stadium after the march.


People that were forced to live in tents for months on end after they were evicted from their shacks two years ago told the crowd that their problems were related to corrupt practices of town councillors at the Walvis Bay Municipality.


The march in Walvis Bay on Human Rights Day follows a mass march in Windhoek on Friday which coincided with International Anti-Corruption Day.


The marchers at the coast were of the opinion that corruption that was allowed to thrive in Namibia infringed upon their basic human rights.

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