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A nation with a looming water crisis

A nation with a looming water crisis

Marthina Mutanga

NAMWATER has put up contingent plans to avoid a situation where the country will be without water as a result of poor rain and a persistent drought.


NamWater spokesperson, Johannes Shigwedha, said the national water company has identified a number of places where it can drill boreholes to supplement surface water currently available.


“The company is also also using other measures such as the transfer of water from Omatako to von Bach Dam that supplies Windhoek,” said Shigwedha.


GRAPH: The first part shows percentage of full capacity this week and the yellow part shows with how much percentage a particular dam was full last year at the same time.


This transfer occurred on the 4 November.


“This will mean that the channel will still provide water for 60% of their farms until end of January 2020. Any rain and inflow into the dam before that date will bring relief and avert the crisis,” he said, adding “During this time, carwashes will be strictly monitored and only certified commercial ones are allowed to operate.”


Apart from large water consumers, barbers and hairdressers have also been requested to save water, as well as construction sites, in line with best practice to optimise semi-purified water usage and commercial water reuse.


Shigwedha added that residential pools are to be covered and no filling with potable water and no fountains are allowed and water features shall not be operated.

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