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Cloudburst near Tsumeb

Cloudburst near Tsumeb

Gert Jacobie

AFTER a weekend of good rain reported over the central north, a farm between Grootfontein and the far away settlement of Tsumkwe, late Sunday reported a downpour of well over a 100 millimetres to perhaps as much as 200 mm of rain in a quick single burst of violent weather.


Marieta Steinbach of the farm Fokshof reported the storm on part of her farm, saying she was trapped for a while and that small rivers formed around her in the sandy plains northeast of Grootfontein.


Strong winds caused damage to her farmhouse, leaving a roof partly blown away and other structural damage. Some of her lucerne stock pile was also damaged, but all animals, goats and horses were unscathed. She said if she had no rain by 27 December, she would have started running into serious financial troubles. “Now I have been blessed by a million bucks of Godsend raindrops, worth gold,” she said.



A little north of this area, near Maroelaboom, Willem Smith reported more than 50mm of rain in the last week, with the best downpour of 25mm on Saturday evening.


At Tsumeb town and south of the mining town good rains were reported from farm Emilienhof, and from Tsumeb right up to Otjiwarongo, showers were reported on Sunday afternoon.


In the devastated central areas around Windhoek, rains were reported since early yesterday. Motorists travelling towards Gobabis contributed video and photo material towards Informanté, generally wanting to be the first to report the good downpours.


Resident of Windhoek also reported good downpours on Sunday afternoon and in certain parts of the city up ten mm was measured. Residents of the Cimbebasia residential area of Windhoek reported that the rain was accompanied by some hail.


According to the Weather Bureau, more rain can be expected for the next few days.


Partly cloudy and hot to very hot conditions with a few thundershowers at places in the central high ground but isolated showers in the North, North-East and the East are predicted for the interior of Namibia.


At the coast partly cloudy and cool to warm conditions with fog patches are predicted.


According to the Meteorological Service of Namibia coastal residents can also expect a strong south westerly wind during the day.

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