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Voting continued well after closure of polling stations

Voting continued well after closure of polling stations

Election Desk

THOUSANDS of people were still standing in long queues in front of certain polling stations after the official closure of the polls for the Presidential and National Assembly elections and the process continued well into the early morning.


At the closure of polling stations police officers were deployed to the back of the long queues to prevent late comers from joining the lines to still vote.


Shortly after the closure of polling stations across Namibia the electricity supply to parts of the Ohangwena Region as well as Rundu was interrupted leaving many people still hoping to cast their vote in the dark.


Along with other niggling problems such as scanning equipment not working properly, technical issues with Electronic Voting Machines and paper shortages at certain polling stations throughout the day that were constantly reported on several different news platforms the power outage also put a damper on the process that in general was described as going smoothly by the Electoral Commission of Namibia.


As voters throngs of voters complete the process the votes will be tallied and results will be made available as the counting are completed. Results will be posted outside the various polling stations.



The ECN urged all Namibians to follow the results as it is made available on their official social media pages to avoid the spread of fake news. The official results will only be made available on Friday.


In the meantime the voting process in the northern regions was characterized by a massive turn-out of the electorate reminiscent of the 1989 elections.


With regards to challenges that ECN officials at polling stations faced it was reported that certain voter succeeded in voting more than once.


The ECN officials and party agents have concluded that there is practically nothing they can do to rectify the mistake whereby a voter was allowed to cast three votes at a polling station at the Eembidi Combined School in the Ohangwena Region earlier today.


A male voter was allowed to vote twice in the presidential election. He was registered as both the 26th and the 27th person to cast his ballot in the presidential elections at Eembidi polling stations.


The voting process was suspended temporarily and the official who is suspected of having caused the mistake was briefly removed, but after much deliberation it was decided that nothing further can be done about the matter.


Another incident voting was halted for a while at a polling station in Oshikango after PDM representatives complained about a big advertisement sign that is located within 100 metres from the polling station. The voting was put on hold to allow Swapo to remove it, but Swapo is allegedly refusing because it is a paid-for board.


The Namibian Police in the North have concluded that Namibians have demonstrated a greater sense of maturity, not only by turning out in big numbers to cast their votes, but more so by doing that in a tranquil and peaceful manner,


According to the Oshana Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele not a single incident was reported to the police since the voting started. Apart from few cases where individuals tried to jump the long queues where police officers had to intervene to ensure that the process runs smoothly no serious incidents were reported.


At a press briefing midway through voting day Theo Mujoro, Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer with regards to the voting process expressed the satisfaction with the manner in which the polling process went since the opening of polls across the 121 Constituencies of the country.


“The Commission expresses its gratitude to thousands of Namibians who flocked to polling stations and stood in long queues across the country in order to cast their ballots in this very important national exercise.”


Mujoro said the ECN is pleased to inform the Namibian nation that this process went generally smoothly, and most of the polling teams were at their duty stations on Tuesday evening.


“We however noted that a few teams in the Oshana and Khomas regions experienced delays with the verification of election materials before departing to their respective duty stations. Similarly, there have been slight delays with the distribution of some of the non-sensitive election materials especially in some areas of the Khomas and Omusati regions.”


He said the Commission deployed a total of 4241 polling stations countrywide. Of this number 1410 were fixed polling stations while 2831 were mobile polling stations.

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