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Shanghala and Hatuikulipi arrested

Shanghala and Hatuikulipi arrested

Niël Terbanché

THE former justice minister, Sacky Shanghala and former Investec Asset Management Managing Director and chairman of the Fishing Corporation of Namibia’s Board, James Hatuikulipi, has been arrested.


The arrest of both men was confirmed by the Anti-Corruption Commission Director General, Paulus Noa and follows a day after their return to Namibia from South Africa.


They are implicated in the fisheries corruption scandal along with the former fisheries minister, Bernhard Esau, Tamson Hatuikluipi, Ricardo Gustavo and Pius ‘Taxa’ Mwatelulo.



After tendering is resignation as Minister of Justice at State House almost two weeks ago, Shanghala and Hatuikulipi left Namibia for Cape Town and only returned after their legal representatives indicated that they are not in hiding and that they are willing to hand themselves over to law enforcement agents upon their return.


When asked about the rest of the men implicated in the so-called Fishrot Scandal, the ACC chief said that the entire matter is an ongoing operation.


The arrest of Shanghala and Hatuikulip follows a few days after the former fisheries minister, Bernhard Esau and Ricardo Gustavo was apprehended and incarcerated. Esau and Gustavo were set free after the former fisheries ministers succeeded with an urgent application in the High Court to have the warrant of arrest executed on him, declared invalid.

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