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Car owner surprised by storm water

Car owner surprised by storm water

Niël Terblanché & Marthina Mutanga

A DRY river bed that suddenly became inundated with storm water after as much as 45 millimetres rain fell over Otjiwarongo earlier on Monday and storm water washed away a car that attempted to drive through the docile looking stream on the outskirts of town.


The rain that reminded residents of a cloud burst flooded the streets of the town and residents had be extra careful when driving especially towards the Orwetoveni residential area.


Farmers in the area of Otjiwarongo also reported as much as 50 mm of rain on Wednesday.


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Further north residents of Tsumeb reported that rain fell continuously for most of the day.


In Windhoek residents measured between 15 and 20 mm of rain after strong showers fell over most parts of the city reported that.


THE Metrological Service of Namibia Chief forecaster, Odillo Kgobetsi, said good rains are expected to set in over the interior of Namibia this week although it will be very hot in the first part of the week over the interior.


Kgobesti noted heavy rains are most likely in the central north, central and northwestern regions this week, while a few clouds are expected in the Karas region.


Rains are also expected over the northern coast by Thursday.


“The outlook forecast normal to above-normal rainfall in the country for the first half of the season in and December. While normal to below-normal rainfall is predicted for January to March 2020,” she said.

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