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Radicals will not be allowed to interfere with the rule of law

Radicals will not be allowed to interfere with the rule of law

Staff Reporter

EFFORTS by radical elements to undermine the rule of law in Namibia by sowing dissent on public and social media platforms in the run up to the Presidential and National Assembly elections will not be tolerated.


The commander of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, issued a stern warning against actions by radicals that aims to interfere with the peaceful process of conducting the national elections in two days time.


General Ndeitunga referred to video and voice clips circulating on social media platforms that incite violence and intimidation.


He warned individuals behind such acts that the Namibian Police will no longer tolerate such behavior especially when national leaders are disrespected.

Pictured: Commander of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga. Photo: Contributed

“Peace is very important and provides hope for a better future, particularly for the youth of our society; and therefore as we are embarking on the 2019 National Assembly and Presidential Elections on 27 November 2019,” the general said in a statement.


He referred to the incident in the Oshana Region where police had to use minimum force to disperse two groups of youth who threatened to block the road to the Toivo Ya Toivo Airport in Ondangwa where the Head of State was supposed to land.


“Both groups were ordered by the police on duty at the road to move away from the verge of the main road to allow the Head of State a free passage to his Oshakati destination point; however the Ondangwa Youth Group resisted and became unruly.”


General Ndeitunga said the police were left with no option but to use minimum force to disperse them successfully.


The general also referred to a number of video clips as well as voice clips that were circulated on social media platforms bearing messages that are inciting violence, intimidating leaders, disrespecting leaders and some using vulgar language aimed at national leaders.


“This is a gross stance of irresponsibility and immaturity aimed at tarnishing the image of Namibia democracy and it cannot be condoned,” General Ndeitunga said.


He said the Namibian Police sternly warns would-be perpetrators and or architects of such behaviour, that it cannot be tolerated now or in the future.


“It should be borne in mind that Namibia as a country is founded on the principles of democracy, the Rule of Law and Justice. Thus all persons in Namibia enjoy the same rights. If one or a particular sector of the population resort to unruly or anarchistic behaviour, such action can in no uncertain terms be condoned.”


General Ndeitunga again appealed to all Political parties and their supporters as well as all candidates participating in the upcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections, to uphold the rule of law and conduct themselves in a mature manner.


“Political party leaders should be mindful that they have the responsibilities to control and or guide their supporters.”


He said all citizens must be cognizant of Article 21 (1) d of the Namibian Constitution, that guarantee the right to assemble peacefully and without arms, such freedoms should be exercised in such a way, that it does not infringe on the right of other citizens, the moment that a person in the exercising of his/her right infringes on the rights of other persons, then such person’s right would thus also be curtailed.


In this regard, all electorates are discouraged from wearing political attires or bear any emblem depicting political party affiliation on Election Day.


General Ndeitunga also urged owners of shebeens and other liquor outlets to close their businesses on the day of the elections in order to allow a smooth and peaceful election process.


“Unruly behaviour before, during and after polling will not be entertained.”

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