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Kunene experiences slight earth tremor

Kunene experiences slight earth tremor

Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of some towns in the Kunene region were awakened by a strange thundering sound that reminded them of a large herd of animals running when a earth quake struck the southern Kunene Region during the early hours of Thursday.


The Ministry of Mines and Energy confirmed the geological event stating that an earthquake was recorded approximately 20 kilometers south of Kamanjab at about 04:20 AM.


The earth tremor registered a preliminary local magnitude of 4.5 and was described to be shallow at a depth of less than ten kilometres. The vibration was reportedly felt in Khorixas, Anker and Fransfontein.


In an interview with Informanté, one resident of Khorixas, Ryno /Guseb, stated that the tremor was not that bad as glasses standing on tables did not move or fall during the short turbulent episode which he said lasted between 30 and 40 seconds.

Picture: Contributed

“It’s not the first time. Since 2013, we have been experiencing earthquakes,” /Guseb said.


Another resident of Khorixas, George Seibeb said that he and his partner were shocked when they woke to what sounded like a large herd elephants passing by and causing the earth to shake.


“It was a bit strong this time, we were sleeping and we just heard a loud thundering, it was like a herd of elephants were running by, but I’m glad it didn’t last long and no one got heard,” Seibeb said.


The event was recorded on all ten seismic stations of the Namibian Seismology Network, namely Windhoek, Tsumeb, Kamanjab, Opuwo, Rundu, Katima, Gobabis, Karibib, Aus and Ariamsvlei.


The ministry of mines urged residents to try going outside safely when possible or otherwise find refuge under a table when earth tremors occur.
If outdoors, people are urged to find a clear spot well clear of buildings, trees and power lines.

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