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Woman accused of a sexual relationship with her son

Woman accused of a sexual relationship with her son

Zorena Jantze

A WOMAN from the Kavango East region has been reported for incest after it was found that she was unlawfully and intentionally having a sexual relationship with her biological grown son.


According to the Namibian Police, the case was reported on Saturday, 9 November, to the Divindu Police Station by outraged villagers of Ncuse in the Kavango East region.


Chief Inspector Malanie Mburu said the suspect, whose age is not yet known, has not yet been arrested after it was discovered that she was having an intimate sexual relationship with her 32-year-old son.

INCEST: Cases of incest and the rape of minors by their own guardians and parents in Namibia are not uncommonly, although illegal.  Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: contributed.

She added that it is not the first time that the police have heard reports about the suspect and her victim as the two allegedly often go out drinking together nad return to their homestead to commit incest.


It is also not clear if the sexual relationship between mother and son started when he was still underage, as that would mean that she has been raping him.  


“The two people in the matter have been identified as San people from the Ncuse Village. Every time they come from the bar they sleep together. The community members felt their conduct is unnatural and reported the case to the police,” Mburu stated.

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