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Trustco Far North employees donate blood

Trustco Far North employees donate blood

Maria David

TRUSTCO Far Northern staff members and customers once again joined the rest of the country to donate blood at the company’s lapa on Tuesday.


It is common knowledge that as the Festive Season approaches, the demand for blood rises.


However, the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) has set a target of 25 or more blood donation events from Trustco employees.


Currently, NamBTS aims to grow donations by at least ten percent at the five fixed sites donation centres countrywide.

Photo by Maria David

Saima Reinhold of Trustco Far North finance department said that she was excited to know that her iron level are normal and was able to donate again.


“I was sent back, but didn’t give up. All that matter is that my blood can save someone’s life,” she said.


Meanwhile, Informanté Journalist Maria David has on Tuesday reached a milestone by donating blood ten times.


Joyce Petrus from the IOL department was excited to be part of people who are able to make the life saving donation.

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