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Collision in Germany grounds Air Namibia

Collision in Germany grounds Air Namibia

Niël Terblanché

A MINOR collision on the taxi way of the Frankfurt Airport in Germany between an Air Namibia aircraft and an aircraft of Korean Air caused both aircraft to be grounded until an official investigation into the incident and the necessary repair work is completed.


In a statement Air Namibia said the collision occurred on the ground while the Air Namibia Airbus A330-200 was busy rolling to its final parking position after the aircraft landed.

The wingtip of the Air Namibia Airbus connected with the horizontal stabiliser or tail wing of the Korean Air Boeing 777 which caused some damage to both aircraft. The aircraft were both immediately grounded for investigation by the Luftfahrt Bundesampt to determine the exact damage.


Air Namibia indicated in the statement that no injuries to passengers or crew were reported.


The passengers on board disembarked normally while the 244 people booked on the damaged aircraft to fly to Windhoek were re-accommodated on flights with airlines partnered with Air Namibia.

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