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Fishermen and security force members vote

Fishermen and security force members vote

Niël Terblanché

THE popularity of the independent presidential candidate contesting in this year’s Presidential and National Assembly Election was overwhelming at the coast as seagoing workers along with members of Namibia’s security forces and Namibians living overseas cast their votes in his favour during the special election held in all 14 regions of Namibia on Wednesday.


The first official result of the special election came from Beijing in China at about 17:00 local time where Swapo’s presidential candidate, Dr. Hage Geingob garnered 16 votes from the 27 voters while Dr. Panduleni Itula got the 11 remaining votes.


Although the official results of all the polling stations at the coast are yet to be published the voting went in favour of Dr. Itula at the Walvis Bay urban and rural constituencies. The same happened in Swakopmund and in Oranjemund.


In the National Assembly special election the ruling Swapo Party gathered the lion’s share of the votes.

Video: ECN presiding officer at the Walvis Bay urban constituency polling station at the Kuisebmonf Community Hall reveals the results of the presidential part of the special election. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

About ten minutes after the polls closed officials from the Electoral Commission of Namibia most of the voters have completed the process.


Matias Hafeni was the last fisherman to vote in the Walvis Bay urban constituency at the community hall in Kuisebmond after the polling station closed.


He said he had no problem with working the whole day and going to the polling station after knocking off in the afternoon. He indicated that he was in no way prohibited by his employer to take the day off to vote. He trusted the system enough to work a full day and to vote in the evening.


The sentiment was shared by the party agents in the hall. They said that everything went according to plan and that they did not observe any infringements during the entire process.


The ECN presiding officer at the polling station, Melina Neis, said that there were a small issue with one of the Electronic Voting Machines during a test run with the party agents before the polling station opened in the morning but they managed to rectify the problem to the satisfaction of all the observers present.


After the voting was done and the results extracted from the Electronic Voting Machines the process of resealing and storing the equipment had to be completed before the results of the specific polling station could be officially published.

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