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Public called on to identify stolen laptops

Public called on to identify stolen laptops

Eba Kandovazu

CITY Police is calling on members of the public to help identify six laptops that were confiscated during the arrest of suspected burglars and robbers in Windhoek earlier this week.


According to City Police Spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele, the laptops recovered are valued at an estimated N$ 60 000.   


The laptops range from Lenovo and HP brands, amongst others. He said that the suspects were arrested during a series of operations. Some of the suspects were arrested whilst attempting to sell the laptops on the ‘black market’.


“These suspects could not account for any of the laptops. They could not say where they got them or provide ownership. We are calling on the public to come forth with proof of ownership by either providing receipts, entering identification, entering codes or providing purchase box,” Amukwelele said.

ARRESTED: The suspected fraudsters. Photo: Contributed

Meanwhile, two middle aged men were arrested on charges of fraud and forgery after it emerged that they faked proof of payments to a Canopy center company.


The two reportedly sent the fake proof of payment to the company’s Swakopmund branch via email and sent a Truck to pick up a canopy worth approximately N$19 000 three weeks ago.


Yesterday, the duo allegedly struck again by sending a fake payment to the Canopy Center in Windhoek.


Another truck was again sent to pick up a canopy worth approximately N$21 000.


This time, the suspects were arrested while trying to unload the canopy.


“These guys hired a truck to pick up the canopies. This time around they were not so lucky because the company was suspicious of the trend. We also found that one of them had an outstanding warrant of arrest and one had no driver’s license. We’re calling on business owners to always verify banking details and payments of customers,” Amukwelele said.

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