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Fraudulent property dealings at Oshakati

Fraudulent property dealings at Oshakati

Staff Reporter

PEOPLE raise eyebrows and the rumour mill kicks into high gear when a low-income employee builds a fairly large house in a prestigious suburb.
That was the case when a certain Fanuel Nepembe, a driver at Fozia Investment, started building a two-storey house on Erf 280 in the newly-established Ekuku suburb of Oshakati.


As things turned out, the driver’s house was but one of many irregular property transactions involving a specific property developer and senior officials at the Oshakati Town Council.


It is alleged that low-income individuals are merely being used as proxies.
Documentary proof in possession of Informanté implicates senior Council officials and a certain Gammat Fredericks, a South African national who served as the operations manager of the VfK Investment CC, the company that was contracted by the Council to build 100 houses at Ekuku.


The VfK Investment was tipped off that Fredericks was allegedly abusing his position at the company. The subsequent investigation discovered suspicious property transactions.

The VfK Investment presented documentary proof to the Council on 4 October.


The documents reveal that Erf 280 was registered in the name of (and was fully paid by) Nepembe, but it was also found that he was only being used as a proxy to acquire the property. The real beneficiary was Nuzaan Goolam, a South African citizen and biological daughter of Fredericks.


Fredericks – who is currently in South Africa – is simultaneously a managing member of Fozia Investment, therefore the direct employer of Nepembe.


It is further alleged that VfK funds were used in the construction of Nepembe’s two-storey house and the company is now demanding permission to sell the house to recover its money.


In yet another suspicious transaction involving Fredericks and senior Council officials, Erf 299 in the Ekuku suburb was allocated to Fiina Ndinomwaameni Hangula.


She paid N$36 477.16 in cash and a Deed of Sale was issued to her on 5 February 2018, but the transaction was eventually cancelled and Erf 299 was allocated to a certain Maria Reonald.


The VfK alleges that the Deed of Sale was cancelled by Fredericks with the assistance of a senior official at the town council’s Planning Department.
On 6 September the VfK wrote a letter to the Council demanding that the ownership of Erf 299 be reversed back to Hangula.


VfK Investment documents revealed yet another suspicious case whereby Erf 514 in Ekuku was registered in the name of Elina N.N. Shaanika, who, like Nepembe, is an employee of Fredericks’ Fozia Investment.


The VfK alleges that, just like Nepembe, Shaanika is only being used as a proxy. The real beneficiary of Erf 514 is an unidentified son-in-law of Fredericks.


The Oshakati town council held an emergency council meeting on 7 October to address these issues and take a decisive action against the officials who are implicated in fraudulent activities, but the meeting degenerated into “a mere talk show” as some councillors allegedly got cold feet, apparently fearing that if suspended, the senior officials would retaliate by exposing the skeletons in some councillors’ closets.


Indications are that documents seen by Informanté are already on their way to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).


A source said: “If the town councillors are divided and cannot take a decisive action, then the ACC must step into the void and do something.”

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