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Human skull discovered at Eefadoukadona

Human skull discovered at Eefadoukadona

Maria David

A CONTRACTOR that was busy building a wall at a house at the Eefadoukadona village in the Oshana Region made a gruesome discovery when he dug up a human skull from a pile of building sand earlier on Wednesday morning.


Inspector Thomas Aiyambo of the Namibian Police Force in Oshana Region Public Relations Division confirmed the grim find to Informanté.


“The skull was found in a pile of building sand by a construction worker, who was working at the homestead of Petrus Hakwashika,” said Aiyambo.

Pictured: The human skull that was discovered in a pile of building sand earlier on Wednesday. – Photo: Courtesy of the Namibian Police.

According to Inspector Aiyambo the sand was delivered to the Hakwashika’s homestead during October but that the skull was only found on Wednesday. The Nampol spokesperson was not able to say if any other part of the skeleton was dug up from the same pile of building sand.


He could also not say where the building sand was sourced from and said that an investigation will have to determine from where it came.


Aiyambo stated that the skull was taken to the police mortuary in Oshakati, where the investigation into the matter will have to determine the origin of the skull as well.

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