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Officer promoted following good deed 

Officer promoted following good deed 

Marthina Mutanga 

FABINA Hangula, a correctional officer who last month possibly saved two lives while in uniform, has been promoted to senior correctional officer by Correctional Services Commissioner of Namibia, General Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, for being a good Samaritan.


Hangula was on patrol as part of the Operation Kalahari Desert when she assisted Lavinia Kashile, who was in labour, deliver a healthy baby girl.


According to Hamunyela, Hangula joined the Namibian Correctional Service on 30 August 2015 and is currently posted at the Integrated Security of the Windhoek Correctional Facility where she is responsible for ensuring the security of all persons, including offenders, officers and visitors.

NATIONAL HERO: Photo Contributed

“As you might be aware and as already reported, officer Hangula committed a heroic act on Saturday, 9 October 2019, while on the Operation Kalahari Desert,” said Hamunyela.


Hangula was on patrol with six other colleagues in the area of Hakahana when she spotted a heavily pregnant young woman stranded on the side of the road. She shouted to the woman to determine her situation and upon learning that indeed she needed assistance, she requested her colleagues to turn the car around.


When she realised that there was no time to rush her to the hospital as she was in labour, Hangula sought assistance from a nearby house and asked to use the backyard for the delivery of the baby.


After she was granted permission, she found a safe place to lay Kashile down and quickly made a bed using boxes that she found in a nearby bin. 


She then went on to wrap her hands with plastic bags and assisted the woman to deliver the baby.  Kashile delivered a healthy baby girl that Hangula wrapped in a blanket that the owner of the house provided. 


Kashile, a 20-year-old resident of Hakahana in Windhoek, had taken a taxi to the hospital, but after the taxi driver realised that she was having labour pains, he left her stranded on the side of the road as he reportedly did not want someone giving birth in the backseat of his car.

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